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You can actually see your bodily toxins being drawn out of your body, thus inspiring you to live a healthier lifestyle! 

* removes toxins in the body 
* removes fat deposits 
* purifies and enhances blood circulation
* cleaning of the kidney and liver
* normalizes sleeping problems
* fortifies immune system
* lowers cholesterol level
* slows down aging process & brightens skin complexion
* eases depression
* increase absorption of nutritious substances
* removes acne
* removes wrinkles
* reduces falling hair
* promotes weight loss
* reduces rheumatism and arthritis
* reduces level of uric acid
* balances glucose level and blood pressure
* promotes hormonal balance
* reduces water retention
* removes fatigue & stress
* reduces joint pains
* regulates metabolism
* draining lymphatic system
* headache relief
* treats migraine
* reduces swelling
* reduces backache
* decreases addiction to drugs and alcohol
* increases the absorption of nutritious substances
* increases the oxygen in the body
* stimulates cell regeneration
* reduces menstrual cramps
* reduces menopause symptoms

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