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JPTL Marketing

JPTL Marketing is the exclusive distributor of BHL Ion Cleanse in the Philippines

We are excited that you are visiting our web site. As the exclusive distributor of the BHL Ion-Cleanse machine in the Philippines, we are looking forward to serving you with regard to machine sales, product training, constant client support.

Our site will provide you with all of the necessary information as regards BHL Ion-Cleanse machine, including its health benefits, the nature of detoxification, and the services offered.


Detox Ion-Cleanse Machine


The most demanded health, beauty, & wellness machine all over the world is now here in the Philippines!
BHL Ion-Cleanse is the top brand in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Latin America, Spain & other parts of Europe.

Customer Testimonials:

"He had arthritis located at the left hand & needed to take drugs against the pain to be able to sleep some hours at night.  The pain has disappeared completely with the first treatment.  After several sessions I have eliminated my problem of arthritis totally."  Seņor. M. Cardinal Red City of Mexico.

"It is very hard to have a liver inflammation that had increased the organ size until 270% from its original measurement.  The prescribed cure lasted two years.  Through treatments with Ion Cleanse in two months my liver has come back to its normal size." E.P. Mexico 

"I had acne problems from the age of 14.  After the first treatment my skin has been cleansed and purified." N.M.S. Mexico (24 years old)

"I used everyday 20 milligrams of pills for my blood pressure.  Now, my pressure is normal.  I'm using Ion-Cleanse." N.B. UK

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